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Laura Ellis - I'm a Registered Nurse with over 30 years clinical experience, and a member of the AALNC, (American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants). As a legal nursing consultant, I bridge the gap between healthcare and legalities within hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and  physician offices. My duty is to make sure you understand your cases and develop winning strategies.



I am a nursing expert offering services such as the chronological summation of records, expert reports, locating appropriate witnesses and attending IME's. My knowledge allows me to identify the medical information regarding the nursing standard of care.



Client Reviews

I used Laura Ellis as a nursing expert in a recent decubitus ulcer case. She was extremely thorough, professional and wrote a very detailed, well referenced report. She was steadfast and confident during her deposition. Based on her report and deposition testimony, we were able to achieve a very fair settlement in the case on the day of trial. Without her experience in the medical field we would not have had the outcome. Her information is invaluable and experienced unmatched. I will be back.
— Kessler, Digiovanni & Jesuele LLP


Fall Risk Assessments

Safety and Administration of Medications

Insertion and Maintenance of Intravenous Lines

Maintenance of PICC line and CVP's

Telemetry Monitoring

Neurological Monitoring

Pre and Post Surgery

Anticoagulant therapy

Gastrostomy, Nasogastric, and Keofeed tube

Foley catheter, Suprapubic and Nephrostomy tubes

Wound Care

Prevention and Care of Bed Sores

Blood Administration

Monitoring of Vital Signs



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